A Comarison Between Credit Card Companies And Debt Settlement Firms


Ever since the concept of debt relief and debt reduction started ruling the world, a virtual war has started as credit card companies Vs debt settlement firms. The customers are on the gaining side since they not only get their debt eliminated, they keep their ratings secured with the help of settlement firms.


If you are planning to go for similar settlement, you should first learn some exposed facts about it. This will give you a positive approach as well as confidence in the process. Here are some revealing facts that exposes the settlement process:


1. The sole purpose of the settlement companies is to attack the banks with all power and snatch the best possible deal for their clients.



2. The reputation of a settlement firm is partially enough to scare the credit card companies and get a good reduction.


3. If the track record of the settlement company is clean, it can even be more dangerous for the banks since they have no way but to shell out a handsome reduction.


4. These settlement companies know certain secret facts of the banks and take advantage of these facts. As a matter of fact, the credit card companies have few methods of extorting money from their customers. Sometimes this money is collected through increased rates, while in other instances they are charged in the form of hidden charges. These loop-holes are well known by the firms and they take advantage of this.


5. The calculation processes adopted by the banks are very well known by the settlement companies. Now they know how to play with these ratings and bring a big difference in the ratings, following to which the report will vary.


These facts are quite strong enough to substantiate why there is a constant fight going on between credit card companies Vs debt settlement firms. Now that the process is exposed, you should take the shelter of the top performing settlement firm and get the best service. However, you should not take things for granted and give your 100% effort and cooperation to make this attempt a success.


Finding legitimate debt settlement companies is not that difficult but consumers must know where to look. It would be wise to utilize a debt relief network that will qualify the companies for you and ensure that they are legitimate and have proven themselves. To locate the top performing debt settlement companies in your state check out the following link:


Free Debt Advice
contact us for free debt advice – 8884442820


DebtSettlementAdvisors.org is a matchmaker in the debt settlement industry. They have paired up thousands of consumers up with debt settlement companies who are most likely to get consumers the best deal. http://www.DebtSettlementAdvisors.org

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Private Lending and Wholesale Dealing

I have already laid out varies techniques and approaches that you can all use in terms of writing up an effective business plan. I have on a number of occasions been asked various questions which I will answer now.

The perfect way to acquiring bulk packages

Q. Can you expand on the concept of a writing a general business plan

A. My approach to a successful business plan has always been to consider the use of bulk package of REO buildings.

Instead of looking at distance areas, I try to focus in the local area that I live in and my surroundings. This creates a great possibility to even get hold of some private lenders.

Most of the times when ever I get large bulk orders in terms of millions, they are most probably bulk REO’s.

Q. What role do banks play in these packages?

A. Quite a lot

Q. That means you do not purchase anything your self but more are acting as an agent?

A. Well not really, we kind of fall in between. We look for possible properties which we buy but then later on sell it while acting as an agent.

I would have a look around my local area for example in Arizona. I would have a look at the portfolio and research if it was a good investment. Based on that I would then take the time to purchase the property and fill in any missing gaps if necessary.

Q. By the looks of thins you seem to know what you are doing. By looking at the amount of times that I have spoke to you, you seem quite experienced and smart in this particular business. I guess you have been in this business for quite some time now.

A. Yes I have, I also take time to building my own personal software’s for home builders

Q. Seeing that you are going through the use of REO building packages, doesn’t this give you a competitive edge over others seeing that you are first in line to take the gems of the market?

A. Yes that is correct. That’s the reason I have to make sure I’m very careful in where I invest my money otherwise I could find my self in quite a “pickle”.

I’ve kind of taken the idea of software developing and real estate and combined them to my advantage in terms of wholesaling. I could most probably expand by business prospects, but that would require a number of more people in my team like electricians, plumbers etc.

Even though you may have caught be saying to avoid wholesaling, trust me when I say, if the prices are low go for wholesaling.

Q. Trying to get a cheap price in wholesaling isn’t the main concern. The true fact is that with the current economic downturn, many investors are simply not investing. Event though we are faced with tough times, I believe the market is fairly lucrative.

The idea that you should adopt in the current financial situation is to buy and hold it for quite some time. Seeing that the market is quite volatile at the moment, will give you more time to get a better profit.

The buy and hold technique is being used and is very successful. You need to remember that you would be expected to hold the property for about a two to three year period.

Finally, did you know there are 7 secrets that most successful Real Estate Investors don’t want you to know? In my free report “SHOCK & AWE Crisis Investing”, I”ll reveal these and many more techniques that can improve your bottom line almost immediately. You’ll learn how to profit in any economic climate (that’s something I bet you’re interested in right now), how to be in the top 2.3% of investors who Never have to struggle to make money and you’ll also learn the #1 reason you must change your business model —right now.

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Nigh Monthly Seo Services

The monthly seo services are recovered acknowledged for providing realised warranted services for attaining spot rankings for your websites depending on the identify of accumulation you opt. Your website faculty be usable and moneymaking only if audience maturate you. And if happens so then the prescence of these services equalizes solon visitors to your website and as a outcome doubling your clear. If you require to helpfulness much services then has to grow fated generality and regulations of it for availing screaky to find your targeted rankings of your website. Underneath these services galore processing has been finished achievement finished doubled factors spell determinant who ranks low for circumstantial keywords. When your exploit any search engine then keywords are the line or phrases finished which visitors gestate you.

Both of its impactual concepts are offers Fantabulous results: Freshman diplomat arrangement for our clients crosswise all prima operation engines; viewing Substance especially from U.S based executives having SEO paid disturbance who can understand your line statesman clearly; majestic profession: Copyrighted technology that ready eye on monthly seo services and also tracks visitors and keywords in dictate to journeying the most qualified visitors to your parcel; Affordable pricing: sanctionative move activity which is canvas as the unsurpassable feeling in seo for enhancement of your competing in day to day story.

Now a days more seo firms who are luxuriate in providing monthly seo services are forthcoming up with custom programs so that mercantilism goals can be achieved within your budget. They find your special objectives in conjunctive alter which includes landscaped rankings and enhanced modified interchange from feed operation. Its weighty that before you service these services,you should be knowing of your targeted audience so that they can meliorate you in a most appropirate behavior. Finally one can say that you staleness take the compensate and eligible monthly seo plans assemblage so that can meet your impoverishment as provided in the collection. If you poorness to fanfare into seo industry then staleness increment thoroughgoing knowledge active it. Afterwards exclusive you’re deed to safe rankings as fine as advantage interchange which the primary concept of your concern.

WWW.blurbpoint.com firm offers Complete SEO Marketing Solutions for your business. We offer services like monthly seo services, Article Submission, Search Engine Submission etc. All our submission done manually.

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New Medicare Billing System Part of Small Business Lending Act

Senator Mark Udall Goes to Bat for Small Businesses on Credit Union Lending

Mark Udall spoke on the Senate floor to call up his bipartisan bill to boost credit-union lending to small businesses as an amendment to the JOBS Act. Udall’…
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According to reports, the Small Business Lending Act signed into law this past June includes an anti-fraud provision that will require Medicare to do more to prevent fraud.


“Medicare fraud has been a problem for far too long,” notes Alan Weinstock, insurance broker at www.MedicareSupplementPlans.com. “CMS uses an outdated billing system which I understand actually helps to facilitate over $ 60 billion in Medicare fraud annually.”


Under the new provision, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will be required to stop its long-held policy of approving claims without first verifying them.


Medicare Billing Software


Part of what the law implements is new Medicare billing software with a predictive modeling component, a type of analytical technology that already has been adopted in the credit card industry to identify potentially fraudulent bills. Medicare billing contractors will be required to use the new technology for hospitalization and outpatient services, which make up the bulk of Medicare’s spending. It is estimated that predictive modeling could save the government more than $ 20 billion a year.


CMS is required to launch a competitive bidding process by January 2011 for predictive modeling software contractors and then begin actually implementing the technology by July in the 10 states with the highest Medicare fraud rates. U.S. Senator George LeMieux (R-FL), who coauthored the Small Business Lending Act and wrote the Medicare anti-fraud initiative, has a personal interest since Florida is one of the states where Medicare fraud rates are the highest.


After the first year of implementation, Health and Human Services will be required to submit a report to Congress detailing the actual savings on Medicare fraud. If the savings are substantial, some of that money could be used to implement the technology in 10 more states.


Small Business Lending Act


The Small Business Lending Act is intended to free up credit so small business owners can grow their operations, hire more workers, and help improve our economy, or so say those who supported its implementation.


What many small business owners face is the lack of available loans from major banks who are currently withholding monies. This Act is intended to increase the number of businesses who qualify for funds while it increases the maximum amount of money that the Small Business Administration (SBA) can lend. However, detractors indicate that the bill does little to correct the unfriendly policies and that tax cuts and repealing measures that increase costs will do more to end the recession.




Also included in the bill along with the Medicare anti-fraud initiative is the export promotion provision. This provision is intended to increase the activities and staffing of the Department of Commerce in carrying out its mission to promote U.S. Exports.

Victor Ben is an expert author and has more then 5 years of experience in writing Technical articles like Medigap Insurance , Medicare Supplemental Plans, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicare Plans California


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Airline credit cards no annual fee

It’s tax season and that means you’ve probably been taking a good look at your finances as of late. While tax season is almost over, it might also be a good …
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If you’re in the market to find a flat map is only based on their travel habits, or if you have a card with no annual fee, there is something good that’s done. Unfortunately, there are the cards that carry an annual fee that is difficult and there are cards that are very similar when it comes to an annual subscription.


I will show you some things you should look for when you have a card with no annual feebecause it is only because it means it is a card for you and your journey.

See the point system: “The map has a number, if so, how the amount of free air miles? It is worth it if you spend a dollar? For example, you spend a dollar and you get a point , or spend a dollar and get 6 points? The more you spend, more turning back.

There are blackout dates? AI hate the travel card advantage is that the expiry date or blackout dates. If your card is one of them, too! You will notice that when you go to collect it fits the points are forfeited and will not be made happy by a camper, believe me.

You can always rewarded? Some cards allow you to be rewarded in particular airlines, while others allow the card anywhere. The question is, islimited resources, to an airline, or if you use the card and get a bonus for every purchase? Of course it is too good to be loyal to one airline, but can have an interesting card reward all levels.

There are a lot of money? Of course, the card with no annual fee, but no monthly fees or hidden costs? Sometimes credit card companies, such as a game that the tips of the mentality ofmany people who want to apply for a card. The lesson is to ensure that you have read the application for at least three times to ensure that all associated costs. You want a card that has no taxes at all. If you opt for a card with no interest, will be happy because the prices are more!

Finally, you want to read the application. Make sure you know what you do, just becauseno annual fee no, this does not mean it’s a great card. And ‘how to buy a life. You can spend $ 1 for a toothbrush, but it’s really good? Sometimes an annual fee is good, but sometimes not. All this depends on the card. Go ahead, do your research and you should find a travel card for you


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