Credit Suisse Gold Bars – The Safe Way to Protect Your Earnings Against the Coming Rush of Inflation

The US government has spent more money in the 1st 100 days of the Obama administration than in the previous 8 years combined, which were hardly a  model of fiscal responsibility. The government printing presses are running non stop to print the money to support this massive glut of deficit spending.  The only possible result is a huge rush of inflation & it is probably going to happen in the very near future.  How can you possibly protect your hard earned money from this coming erosion of wealth?

Gold has historically been the “safe haven” for wealth.  For thousands of years it has protected its owners from the wealth consuming effects of irresponsible monetary policy & today is no different.  Owning PHYSICAL gold will provide you a huge hedge against the coming inflation & every family should own some.  Throughout history when inflation has brought the value of currency down, the value of gold has gone up.  Use this monetary law to your advantage.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars are a safe & popular way to invest in physical gold & they can provide you with inflationary protection as well as beauty.  They are cast from 99.99% pure gold & are fully backed & guaranteed by the renowned Credit Suisse Bank Of Switzerland.  They come in a variety of weights & designs from as little as 1 gram & are thus affordable at nearly every level of income.

As a result of the huge demand for gold in these turbulent economic times, many traditional outlets for these gold bars have sold out, & those that are left can carries huge premiums over spot price.  There is a small secondary market for these bars on eBay, & this may be the best way to find them at this time.  Buying as little as 1 gram a month when you can afford it is a start & you you can accumulate quite a cache of pure gold over time in this manner.

Do not allow irresponsible government fiscal policy to wipe out any more of your hard earned money! As the coming rush of inflation drives prices sky high, the value of the dollar will continue to drop. It will also drive the cost of stocks down. Gold is always held in high regard & its value goes up as the value of the dollar goes down. For many centuries shrewd investors have protected their money from inflation by holding it in physical gold. You can do so as well. Invest a part of your earnings in Credit Suisse Gold Bars, & rest assured knowing that you are hedged against our government’s irresponsible monetary policies.

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Very Bad Credit Loans: Poor Creditors Must Grab the Opportunity

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If you have harms linked to funding and entail currency then you must take the facilitate of Very Bad Credit Loans. An individual with horrific pecuniary score must take the gain of this finance moderately than borrowing from your associates and family, which is really discomforting. These funds are chiefly made vacant for the people who have the nastiest circumstances of their economic surroundings.

Very Bad Credit Loans will help the awful credit scorer to get hold of a relaxed currency along with satisfactory era for settlement. These proceeds can be used to suit many of your desires such as you can pay your bills which are pending, some of your debts can also be cleared, or if not you can use this wealth to restructure your credit reputation good as before.

The hopeful can seize the lead of these funds in two forms. The two types are secured form and unsecured form. However, overall fondness depends on the borrower regarding, for which kind he should go for. If the applicant prefers to go for a secured form of loan, he will have to present some of his possessions to the lender as guarantee. In addition, if the borrower goes for unsecured form he would not be inquired to give any collateral instead, the borrower can avail cash free from pledging belongings.

Online mode is the harmless and the greatest method to gain money. The borrower has to surrender the filled claim form along with his mandatory essentials. This form after getting the hand of the lender goes for substantiation and this proof makes clear that whether the person is definite for getting the loan or no.

Online way accumulates your time of giving a stopover to the lenders place numerous times and there is no paper certification compulsory to avail this money. This fund gets positioned in the bank account of the candidate on its permission.

Tom Dikkin is a well known author and has been writing content for Loans for bad credit . His content is worth reading as it gives you an insight about different aspects of loans for bad credit & bad credit loans instant decision . Please visit For more info

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Lending and Borrowing

Lending and Borrowing

A natural extension of the Markowitz analysis was to consider the problem of building portfolios which included riskless assets and portfolios purchased in part with borrowed funds as well as portfolios of risky assets paid for in full with the investor’s equity.

Recall that the efficient frontier for portfolios made up of many risky assets is typically concave from below in the plane whose axes are risk (as measured by the standard deviation) and expected return. For any given period of time, there are assets whose rates of return can be predicted with virtual certainty. Since nuclear holocausts, natural disasters, and revolution are conceivable, the word “virtual” is necessary in the preceding sentence. Nevertheless, most investors have an extraordinarily great confidence that they can predict accurately the rate of return on securities of the federal government for any period which is equal to their maturity. For example, Treasury bills maturing in one year have a precisely predictable rate of return for one year.*

The introduction of riskless assets into portfolios has interesting consequences. In the following diagram the return on a risk-free asset

If the riskless” asset is represented by i, and the portfolio of risky assets at the point of tangency by ;, it is easy to see that only the second term of the equation has a positive value. The value of the first term is zero because the return on the riskless asset has zero variance; the third term has a value of zero because the return on the riskless asset has a standard deviation of zero. It is also true that the variance of the portfolio of risky assets is a parameter which is given. Thus, the variance of the combined portfolio depends exclusively on the risky assets at the point B with the riskless asset, or by levering the portfolio B by borrowing and investing the funds in B. Portfolios on RfBD are preferred to portfolios between A and B and between B and C since they offer greater return for a given level of risk or less risk for a given level of return. The efficient frontier is now linear in its entirety. The line RfBD is Sharpe’s capital market line. It relates the expected return on an efficient portfolio to its risk as measured by the standard deviation.

In the diagram above, there is only one portfolio of risky assets which is optimal, and it is the same for all investors. Since there is only one portfolio of risky assets which is optimal, it must be the market portfolio. That is, it includes all assets in proportion to their market value. We can now describe the capital market line mathematically in terms of the risk-free rate of interest and the return on the market portfolio.

This says the expected return on an efficient portfolio is a linear function of its risk as measured by the standard deviation. The slope of the line has been called the price of risk. It is the additional expected return for each additional unit of risk.


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How to Select the Right Factoring Company

So, you are sold on selling some invoices, you see the benefits, but you are just not sure how to select the right factoring company. Here are 7 essential factors to consider and compare:
1.  Recourse or Non Recourse - Recourse typically alludes to a Factor having the right to make you buy the invoice back in the event the payer or debtor does not come through. Non-recourse is just the opposite – the Factor is on their own. Typically most Factors will have some sort of recourse but the terms of how that operates are worth comparing.
 2.  Term of Relationship - Some Factors require a term outlining how long you must factor accounts receivable with them. Typically this is one-year term, but it varies Factor to Factor. You don’t want to tie yourself to a Factor that you may outgrow so look for contracts you can easily terminate with advance notice.
 3.  Fee Structure - The fee structure affects your bottom line. Since this can vary greatly it is one area where you want to shop around. The discount fees are typically around 3% but could be much less (or more) depending on the types of account receivables and the individual business. Some factoring companies might also charge a one-time set up fee before purchasing invoices.
 4.  Monthly Minimums - A Factor might require a minimum volume level each month. For some businesses this is a non-issue given their volume levels; for others this can be a serious challenge. In either case there are Factoring companies that don’t require monthly minimums or simply work off a monthly average.
 5.  Service - Don’t underestimate service. Is the Factor impersonal? Are they late in returning phone calls? If so, you may want to look for someone else. Many companies will give up a little on the fee structure to have a company with better quality service.
 6.  Full Service Factor - Many Factors offer services that go way beyond purchasing invoices. They can pre-qualify potential clients, handle billing and collections, or even help during tax time. Although you may not need any of those services initially, consider picking a Factor that can grow with you.
7.  What about factoring brokers or consultants? - Many companies work through a broker. Although this seems like you are adding another layer, brokers often know numerous Factors. They can assist with the comparison shopping and pair you up with the best factoring company that fits your needs. Since factoring brokers are paid by the Factor directly you typically don’t give up anything in the way of fees to work with a consultant or broker.
A successful accounts receivable financing program should provide cash advances that meet your needs. Feel confident in selecting the right company to factor invoices by comparing services upfront. 

Fred Rewey is author of the book Winning the Cash Flow War (Wiley 2005). He is also co-founder of and; sites created to help people earn income in the cash flow industry.

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Practicing Energy Efficiency by Utilizing Renewable Energy Resources

Many of you must have come across the expression Renewable energy in your environmental science catalogs and nature-based journals. This type of energy source is extracted from natural things thus; it’s biodegradable and never-ending in nature. Sunlight, natural water, moving winds, biological ingredients and geothermal forces are associated with the creation of this form of energy. As compared to other standard types of energies like fossil fuels and petrol, natural energy sources are advantageous, eco-friendly and pollution-free and so; a large number of individuals are going for these alternate sources of energy.

Renewable energy is useful for the unemployed youngsters in terms of providing job opportunities. This is because numerous corporate bodies initiate plans that support eco-friendly causes and they focus on energy efficiency. If these alternate energy sources are properly utilized, many nations will get a chance to enhance their gross annual economy by trimming the costs of petroleum and coal import-export. Moreover, we can make this planet a secure, pollution-free and favorable place to dwell in, for our forthcoming generations. Rather than investing capital on acquiring non-recyclable energy resources, administrative bodies must concentrate on harnessing these alternate sources!

Because of all that lavish promotion of green movement, the existing population has become aware of the term energy efficiency. Many large organizations even practice appropriate programs to cut down high energy consumption. Rather than changing the lighting systems completely, individuals have begun using fluorescent bulbs in place of incandescent bulbs, in their offices. Even if you don’t have adequate money to employ alternate energy sources just like solar cells, photo voltaic water heaters etc. you can always switch off unnecessary lighting to save your electrical power usage.

To find out if the building is getting benefits by using these solutions, an energy efficiency consultant agency has been set up to carry out audits and surveys in different places. They have professionals that identify problematic regions and calculate the average power intake per square foot. If the total consumption is more than the normal value, an immediate action is taken and energy saving retrofit is installed within the buildings.

Besides cutting down electricity bills and employing renewable energy sources, numerous companies use especially developed automobiles that cut down carbon emissions. This further leads to economical benefits in the form of tradable emissions credits. In case you wish to acquire additional info concerning this topic, you can consult an experienced environmentalist or, check out the internet sites, weekly newspapers and nature magazines published in your area. Go green this year!

The use of renewable energy has grown due to increasing energy usage and demands for energy efficiency. If you wish to know more about alternate sources of energy, Visit us now!

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Principles of Accelerated Learning

Many universities and colleges offer courses to improve your learning effectiveness. In those sessions, usually spread across several weeks, you will be taught to define your goals, to get organized, to be disciplined in your studies, to take notes, underline the main ideas, and review constantly what you have learned.

Judging by the results, one might wonder if those courses work that well. The number of drop-outs from colleges and universities is still substantial. Wasted resources and wasted time. What a pity, people lament, but can the situation be improved? If we take a look at adult vocational training, the situation is somewhat better, but still far from ideal.

Indeed, there is plenty of room for improvement, but this is the kind of problem that cannot be solved by preaching. If conditions are going to ameliorate, this will happen only as a result of personal example. With good reason, people tend to believe more what they experience themselves than what they are told.

Let me tell you a story that illustrates how effective learning can take place at minimum cost. Moses Maimonides was born in the year 1135 C.E in Cordoba, in the south of Spain. His father was a rabbi and possessed at home a few dozen books about Jewish law, medicine, and Greek philosophy.

During his infancy, Moses Maimonides, together with his older brother David, received many hours of instruction from his father, although that cannot be compared to the thousands of lessons that contemporary children receive at school. What is amazing is that, with very limited resources, Maimonides absorbed knowledge like a sponge.

His brother David began a jewellery business and Maimonides also took some part in it, at the same time that he devoted a share of his time to writing a General Commentary on Jewish law. His writings were based on the books that he had read, to which he added his own reflections.

The jewellery business had its ups and downs, but Maimonides continued researching and writing during his twenties and early thirties until he finished his commentary, which today, nine hundred years later, is still considered one of the major scholarly works on Jewish law.

The family moved to Egypt in search of a better life, but a catastrophe was soon to wipe out their resources. Maimonides’ brother, David, died in a shipwreck, taking down with him all the family fortune. Stranded in Egypt with no money, Maimonides opted for trying to make a living as a physician, using the medical knowledge that he had acquired in Spain.

As of 1165 C.E., during his thirties and forties, Maimonides practised medicine in Alexandria, the main port in the north of Egypt. His success was so astounding that, although Maimonides was a Jew, Sultan Saladin appointed him physician to the court. That entailed regular obligations and, every morning, Maimonides went to the royal palace to give medical consultations to the royal family and court officials.

In addition, every afternoon, he ran his private medical consultation at home, both for the Jewish and Islamic community. As though this was not enough work, every evening, he tried to devote some time to read philosophy and to continue writing.

By the time he was 50 years old, Maimonides had completed his second major work, the “Guide for the Perplexed,” an extraordinary intellectual attempt to reconcile religion with Aristotelian logic. The book had a major impact in later Western thinkers and, nowadays, in the 21st century, it is still in print.

This was just the end of the second period of his writings, since later on, he began to produce texts about medicine, including a commentary on the aphorisms of the Greek physician Hippocrates. How did Moses Maimonides managed to accumulate such an extensive knowledge in different areas? Here is the explanation that I can put forward:

1. Enormous curiosity to learn things that he considered interesting.

2. Getting hold of a few good books in the areas of knowledge that he liked.

3. Reading those books many times, year after year, making his own notes.

4. Taking every opportunity to learn from experts and ask questions, driven by his curiosity.

5. Concentrating on different fields of knowledge one after the other. In the case of Maimonides, he focused his research and writings, sequentially, on the areas of law, for about twelve years, then on philosophy, for about another twelve years, and finally, on medicine.

6. Learning from mistakes and making corrections as he went along.

You may argue that such rules of learning were good for someone living nine centuries ago, but that they have become obsolete in our time. Modern schools and universities, such as those in the fields of law and medicine, impose strict requirements on which subjects are to be covered by students.

Although the environment and demands have changed, I submit that the principles of accelerated learning have remained the same. Curiosity, personal motivation, and a few good books is all it takes to get started. For those who possess the knowledge, passing formal exams has never been a problem. Other elements, such as working experience, can be picked up as you go along.

The ultimate proof of the learning method was provided by Maimonides himself. He got married when he was 50 years old and, soon after, he had a son, whom he named Abraham. The kid read at home the same books that Maimonides had read and, already as an infant, he began to assist his father during his medical consultations.

When Maimonides died in 1204, he was 69 years old. By that time, his son Abraham, who had just turned 19, had already acquired such a reputation as physician that he was also appointed to a position in the royal court. Apparently, the system of learning had worked its wonders once again, but the story does not stop here.

During the following decades, Maimonides’ grandson and the son thereof also learned the same profession at a young age and, later on, practised medicine very successfully. During the 13th and 14th centuries, they belonged to the most famous physicians of Egypt.

JOHN VESPASIAN writes about rational living. He has resided in New York, Madrid, Paris, and Munich. His stories reflect the values of entrepreneurship, tolerance, and self-reliance. See John Vespasian’s blog about rational living.

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Unsecured Dss Loans: Hassle Free Approval Of Easy Finance

When you are counting upon DSS benefits, in order to fulfill your basic needs and demands, then your financial condition can be very well understood. The state of affairs must be in a dismal state, as you are not in a position to fulfill your financial obligations. Besides, availing external financial assistance seems to be a bit exaggerated, as you may find it a bit tough. While it may be confusing, as to what you will do in times of crisis, you can apparently go for unsecured DSS loans, which in fact has been designed to serve individuals like you.

These loans are very much easy to source and going by its name, you will not be required to involve any precious asset as collateral. The loans are designed primarily to assist applicants who are on DSS benefits for the past few months. Since there is no need of involving collateral, the processing of the loans is fast and this results in its quick and hassle free approval.

Moreover, those applicants having problems related to CCJs, IVA, arrears and defaults too can avail the services of dss loans. Further, the loan amount sanctioned can be put to use to meet expenses on needs such as clearing small debts, going for a vacation, wedding, educational purposes, renovation of home and so forth.

But, even before availing the loans, it is mandatory for the applicants to fulfill some of the preconditions. In this context:-

Applicant should be having a valid and active bank account
The bank account should have a minimum deposit of 500
Age attained should be more than 18 years
Should be on DSS benefit for the past 6 months

It would be appropriate for the applicants to use the online medium, so as to derive the funds with no hassles. Once the application form is submitted, which does not take much time, the approval comes without any further delay and that too against viable terms.

With unsecured DSS loans by your side, temporary financial hassles are a thing of the past now.

Robert Austen is the author of this article. He works successfully as a financial shrink with person of ability on DSS loans. To find cash loans, unsecured dss loans, emergency loans, loans for DSS, loans for people on benefits, payday loans visit

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Small Business Loans for Women With Quality Lending Online


For a long time, women have been considered as a minority group when it comes to starting or expanding businesses.
This is why some lending companies and other organizations have come up with some special loan packages to offer funds as a way of motivating more women to join the business world. This is really producing positive results and women now own some businesses like catering, greeting cards, consulting, real estates and pet supplies among others. 
Tips when looking for small business loans for women
Look for grants- before you even apply for your small business loans, first take time to find out if you can qualify for business grants as there are some governments that offer these to their citizens. These grants are usually offered to lure more women into the business world. There is a very huge competition for these grants as one is not required to make repayments and you should therefore come up with very convincing ideas to get the funds.
Go for nonprofit organizations- if you find it hard qualifying for grants, you can go ahead to try and get small business loans for women from nonprofit organizations. These are also meant to help women with capital to start or expand their businesses and the funds do not earn interest. Just like grants, one has to really beat some huge competition to qualify for these loans from nonprofit organizations.
Get SBA loans- Small Business Administration does not offer loans directly but it assists the applying women to qualify for loans which are hard getting under normal circumstances. This is so because SBA commits to repaying a certain percentage of the amount offered should the applicant fail to fully repay the small business loans for women. SBA therefore works to ensure that the loans are offered:
• Quite easily compared to direct borrowing from lenders
• At relatively lower interest rates
• Under better terms & conditions and with convenient repayment periods
Compare lenders- if all the above methods of securing funds for your small business fail, you can then go for conventional lenders like lending institutions or even private lenders. To getter some better terms, you can compare a number of quotes from these lenders and this will assist you in finding a lender with easier terms and relatively lower rates. This will greatly help in lowering your overall cost of borrowing.


Every Credit Score People can Get Fast Cash with Online Lenders. If you want to get More info about Small Business Loans for Women then visit following site right away-

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